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JoJo’s Sanctuary

Jojo's Sanctuary was founded after the devastating story of Jojo, an eight-year-old boy who died as a result of injuries inflicted by his caregiver. Built on the idea to create a program for families living in the suburbs of Chiang Mai, Jojo's Sanctuary provides support and education to children and parents in suburban areas at risk of having higher rates of abuse or school dropouts. By providing support to families like this, Jojo's Sanctuary hopes to prevent further tragedies like what happened to Jojo from occurring again.

Jojo's Sanctuary provides educational training to students and caregivers in rural areas of Chiang Mai Province in Thailand, offering courses such as Children's Human Rights, Internet Safety, Trafficking Awareness, and Healthy Teen Relationships. Over the course of 18 months, Jojo's Sanctuary helps strengthen family relationships as parents and children learn, heal and grow together. They alternate training workshops with family field trips. Topics include healthy family dynamics, good nutrition and financial management, while outings are to local destinations such as museums, swimming pools or waterfalls.

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