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PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute

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Learn how your church can use the PovertyCure Video Series and challenge its approach to charity and missions

How Your Church Can Engage with PovertyCure

The PovertyCure Video Series is perfect for any church body looking to gain both philosophical and practical knowledge for how to effectively address poverty. Appealing to the broad Christian community, the Video Series has been used by various churches throughout the world.

Here are just a few specific ways in which your church can utilize the PovertyCure Video Series:

  • Small Groups and Sunday School: The Video Series is broken into six chapters that each average 25 minutes in length, leaving the perfect amount of time for deep discussion in any typical church small group or Sunday school class.

  • Missions Trips: When used with our accompanying ReThink Missions Toolkit materials, the Video Series is an ideal, engaging way to train the mission trip team members before they hit the field. Learn how to avoid charity that hurts and make a positive impact instead. 

  • Staff and Volunteer Training: With so many churches involved in benevolence and local service projects, it is important that their staff and congregates have a sound conception of poverty and how to best address it. Use the series to further develop your church staff and members so your church can be truly effective in its community work.




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Subtitled in 15 languages, this six-part video series will change absolutely everything about how you approach charity and missions.


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