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PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute

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Learn how your school can use the PovertyCure Video Series to engage students in a thought-provoking and deep way

How Your School Can Engage Students With PovertyCure

The celebrated PovertyCure Video Series provides excellent material for use in a variety of educational settings ranging from high schools, colleges, MBA programs, and seminaries. Schools throughout the world from Tokyo, Japan to Wilmore, Kentucky have leveraged the material to teach their students important lessons in economics, theology, sociology, business, and in a host of other disciplines.

Here are two specific ways your school can use utilize the PovertyCure Video Series to engage its students:

  • Classroom Instruction: With the series being broken into six parts that average 25 minutes in length, faculty can easily integrate each episode into their courses. The ideas and principles in each episode lend themselves to rich discussion that will edify both teachers and students alike.

  • Mission Trips & Study Abroad Preparation: The series provides excellent training for students preparing for short-term and long-term mission trips. Our ReThink Missions Toolkit puts the PovertyCure Video Series into a missions-specific context can further help with this preparation. The series is also excellent training for students who are about to embark on a study abroad experience.

Need Help Implementing PovertyCure?

If you represent a school and would like some help in determining how you can best use the PovertyCure Video Series and accompanying material, please fill out the form nearby, and we will be in contact with you shortly!

Learning Management System Distribution Licenses

Schools that have a learning management system (LMS) are able to purchase a distribution license that provides them the digital version of the PovertyCure Video Series as well as the legal right to upload it to their particular LMS. Licenses cost $250 per year. 

Fill out the form nearby to inquire how you can secure a LMS distribution license for your school today!

What Schools Are Saying About PovertyCure:

“PovertyCure has provided the sound thinking that animates head, heart, and hands in a faithful, God-honoring manner while affirming the dignity of others and humanizing the ‘orphan, widow, and alien.’  The videos have engendered meaningful reflection and dialogue among the students. Moreover, they have successfully motivated the responsible application of the principles they so compellingly lay out.”

-    Dr. Kevin J. Brown, Associate Professor of Business; Associate Dean, Howard Dayton School of Business, Asbury University

“Many students have expressed that they did not know that their act of kindness, though with good intention, could actually hurt the economies and people whom they were to help.  The PovertyCure series is eye opening for the students who are beginning to ask themselves tougher and deeper questions.”

-    Caleb Chen, Dean & Professor of Business, Spring Arbor University

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