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PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute

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Learn how your organization can benefit from engaging with the PovertyCure Video Series
Engage in your community

Learn how your particular organization can engage the PovertyCure Video Series. Whether you represent a church, nonprofit or school, there are numerous ways your organization can benefit from utilizing the series. Click the path below that fits you best to learn how other organizations similar to yours are already using the Video Series.

Povertycure Screening Kit

Are you ready to screen the PovertyCure Video Series in your organization? Download our free screening kit below in order to help you promote your particular screening within your organization. 

PovertyCure Series Discussion Guide - If you want to get more out of the Video Series, use this Discussion Guide. The Guide provides excellent discussion questions for each episode and helps you go deeper into the themes and content presented in the Video Series.

PovertyCure Screening Poster (11 x 17) - Looking for a way to promote your PovertyCure screening? Download this poster and customize it with your own screening details in order to market your screening event.

PovertyCure Screening Handouts (5.5 x 8.5) - This handout-sized PovertyCure screening sheet can be customized with your own screening details and will fit into any typical church bulletin or similar program document. 

Ways to Engage

Host a screening

Do you need help hosting a screening of the PovertyCure Video Series in your organization? We can help!

Sponsor PovertyCure training

Would you like someone well-versed in the PovertyCure Video Series to come and provide a simple training for your church, organization, business or community?  Let us know!

Rethink Poverty

Subtitled in 15 languages, this six-part video series will change absolutely everything about how you approach charity and missions.


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