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PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute

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Community Life Transformation Ministry (CLTM)

  1. Originally started with the vision of starting a youth ministry, CLTM seeks to identify and analyse the spiritual and socio-economic matrix of some various people groups in Africa, through research and environmental scanning.
  3. They seek to reach the unreached people groups with the Gospel of Christ; and to help individual Christians grow in their faith and knowledge of God, through evangelism and discipleship. They desire to ignite spiritual revival in the existing local churches and communities, by emphasizing communal prayer, Bible reading, Bible studies, and worship.
  5. To promote and catalyze community development in rural and sub-urban areas, through the provision of health and educational services. They seek to help young people excel in their educational pursuit and build up successful carriers; by encouraging reading culture, self-reliance and entrepreneurship, and the provision of scholarships and loans.
  7. And finally they seek to provide socio-economic and political awareness to the young people, with the aim of developing patriotic and productive citizens.
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