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Rudy Carrasco on Urban Ministry & Development

"Solutions that we lob over like a scud missile, where we do drive-by ministry, those are not going to be very effective."

Rudy Carrasco has served close to two decades in urban Christian ministries. He is the former executive director of Harambee Christian Family Center, an associate director at Partners Worldwide, a regular lecturer for the Acton Institute, and a member of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s Alumni Hall of Fame. He serves on the board of Christian Community Development Association, TechMission and World Vision U.S. He was among a small group of Hispanic religious leaders who advised President George W. Bush on faith-based initiatives. A graduate of Stanford University with a B.A. in English, Carrasco’s essays have appeared in such places as the Los Angeles Times, Christianity Today, Religion News Service, Pasadena Star-News, Youthworker Journal and Outreach magazine. Christianity Today named him one of fifty Leaders under the Age of 40 to Watch and he was inducted into the Hispanic Scholarship Fund's Alumni Hall of Fame.

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