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PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute

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Peter Heslam on Dignity in Business & Wealth Creation

"What lifts the poor is the creation of wealth and the empowerment and the dignity and the self-reliance that comes from that."

Dr. Peter Heslam directs Transforming Business and is a Visiting Scholar at the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University. He is also a CARTS Fellow at the Faculty of Divinity, a senior member of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge, an Associate Fellow of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Peter holds degrees from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Peter is a prolific writer in the field of ethical entrepreneurship and development. His publications include Globalization: Unraveling the New Capitalism, Globalization and the Good, Transforming Capitalism: Entrepreneurship and the Renewal of Thrift, and Creating a Christian Worldview. Having served as an advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury and as the Convenor of JustShare, he currently serves in an advisory capacity to Faith in Business Quarterly, Pioneers of Prosperity, Business Fights Poverty, and Beyond Profit.

Rethink Poverty

Subtitled in 15 languages, this six part video series that will change absolutely everything about how you approach charity and missions.

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