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Janet Nkubana on Building a Business in Rwanda

“God made you survive for a reason... You need to show even the enemies or the people who killed your family that you remain for a reason and one of the reasons you have is to live well.”

Janet was born in Rwanda and grew up in a refugee camp. She attended school and later secured a church scholarship, which assured her good education and a ticket out of the camp. She completed her education in Uganda where she owned and operated several businesses. After the Rwanda Genocide in 1994, Janet returned home to join hands with other Rwandans in rebuilding a nation her parents had left. She operated a hotel with her sister Joy where displaced women and children often frequented to beg for food or any help from hotel residents. As time went on, women started bringing their handwoven baskets in exchange for food. With her sister Joy, Janet formed what is known today as Gahaya Links. Janet has been able to close trade partnerships with reputable companies, such as Macy’s and Oprah Magazine, and attain recognition from global icons and high profile personalities.

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