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PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute

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Declan Ganley on Ireland’s Emergence from Poverty

“Most entrepreneurs end up as road-kill at some point in their lives. The key thing is to get back up and go for it again. And that’s the freedom to fail.”

Declan Ganley is a European entrepreneur and the Chairman and CEO of Rivada Networks. Declan has founded wireless broadband and cable TV businesses in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. He is Chairman of the Forum on Public Safety in Europe & North America. He is also an advisor on "technology and terrorism" to the Club De Madrid group of international heads of government and has served as a member of Futures Group of the Irish Government's Information Society Commission. During Ireland's Presidency of the EU, Declan chaired the Forum to Debate the European Constitution. He has been awarded the JCI Entrepreneur of the year title twice and is a recipient of the Louisiana Distinguished Service Medal.  Declan is the founder and president of the Libertas Institute, a pan-European think tank committed to provoking debate on the future of the European Union and campaigning for democratic and economic reform.

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