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Cheryl Miller on Empowering Women on Welfare

“Many times women find themselves in difficult situations trapped by their circumstances. Perpetual Help Home was created to offer a different 'circumstance.'”

Cheryl Miller is the Executive Director of Perpetual Help Home, a housing ministry for women and children. For the past twelve years, she has helped the small housing program evolve with multiple programs including the newest innovation of The Center for Peace, a quantum enterprise run by the clients of PHH. She is also a volunteer mediator for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim/Offender Mediation Dialogue program, facilitating meetings between victims of violent crime and offenders. This position has allowed Cheryl to understand the power of reconciliation in the most extreme circumstances. Those reconciliation practices have been integrated into work at Perpetual Help Home. Cheryl holds a Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies in Nonprofit Leadership and Communication from the University of Houston-Victoria. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education.

Rethink Poverty

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