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C. Neal Johnson on Spiritual & Social Aspects of Business

“God made us creative, He made us to work- what they need is the kind of dignity that comes with a paycheck that says, ‘Somebody values my service, somebody values my life, and that I have dignity.’”

Dr. C. Neal Johnson is a professor of Business and Management at Hope International University. He is a frequent speaker and keynoter on “Business as Mission” at professional, educational, church and mission conferences. His Christian approach to the marketplace is reflected in his book, Business as Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice, published by InterVarsity Press. Johnson has a dynamic background as an attorney, banker, educator, missionary, business consultant and entrepreneur, domestically and internationally. Johnson has performed mission work in the Dominican Republic, pastored a church in northern Italy, and co-founded a church in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He holds a Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary, a J.D., a Masters in Intercultural Studies, a Master’s in Public Administration, a Graduate Banking Degree, a Bachelor of Arts is in Political Science from the University of Colorado, and he is a graduate of the American Bankers Association’s School of International Banking.


Rethink Poverty

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