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Armando Regil Velasco on Ethics & Mexico’s Potential

"We need to train this generation to really understand why ethics matter. If we want to make sure that things will be different in the future each one of us has to change."

Armando Regil Velasco graduated in International Trade with honors from the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro. He studied Economics and Public Policy at Georgetown University in Washington DC and his training includes a number of seminars and courses at Acton University, The Leadership Institute, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, University of International Business and Economics, Think Tank MBA, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, School of Economics and Business Administration ESEADE. Armando is the Founding President of the IPEA, Institute of Strategic Thinking Agora, a think-tank of young people in Mexico that generates ideas, private solutions to public problems and public policies to help ensure that Mexico becomes a free, united and prosperous. He has given lectures for more than 10,000 spectators in Mexico, U.S. and Latin America and has represented Mexico in international summits and conferences.

Rethink Poverty

Subtitled in 15 languages, this six part video series that will change absolutely everything about how you approach charity and missions.

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