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Makarios's mission is to love, educate, and empower. Their vision is to see communities serve Jesus Christ while working to end generational poverty. They have a three-pronged approach: education, family empowerment, and group ministry.

Education: They provide an excellent Christian education, medical, dental, and nutritional care for children in our communities. The Makarios school is educating 190 students, ages 3-16, with a goal to graduate students who are disciples of Jesus Christ, who are empowered, and who are equipped to confront the challenges of life. 

Family Empowerment: Launched in February 2017, the Family Empowerment Program is focused on the families of students at the Makarios School. They raise up local leaders by empowering them with the tools they need to help themselves including education, spiritual development, & counseling services. This program exists to have families transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and parents that are ethical leaders, capable of influencing their communities. 

Group Ministry: Makarios's partners and sponsors travel from all over the world to take part in week-long Ministry Trips. These trips enable Makarios to bridge the gap of cultures while they educate, connect, and build relationships between local Haitian and Dominican leaders. In the process, they produce mission-minded Christ followers who are inspired to serve locally and globally.

Country based in
Dominican Republic
United States
Country worked in
Dominican Republic

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