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The Indonesian Institute

The Indonesian Institute (TII) is a public policy research institute (Center for Public Policy Research) that was officially founded on October 21, 2004 by a group of dynamic young activists and intellectuals. TII is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit institution whose main source of funds comes from grants and donations from foundations, companies, and individuals.

TII aims to become the main research center in Indonesia for public policy matters and is committed to contributing to public policy debates and improving the quality of public policy making and results through the application of good governance and community participation in the policy process in Indonesia.

TII's vision is the realization of public policies that uphold human rights and law enforcement, and involve the participation of various stakeholders and apply the principles of democratic governance.

TII's mission is to carry out research that is reliable, independent and non-partisan, and to channel research results to policy makers, business people, and civil society in order to improve the quality of public policy in Indonesia.

TII also has a mission to educate the public on policy issues that affect their lives. In other words, TII has a position to support the process of democratization and public policy reform, and to take an important and active part in that process.

The scope of research and public policy studies conducted by TII covers the economic, social, political, and legal fields. The main activities undertaken in order to achieve the vision and mission of TII include research, surveys, facilitation and advocacy through training and working groups, public discussions, public education, editorial writing (Discourse TII), publishing monthly studies (Update Indonesia , in Indonesian and English) and annual studies (Indonesia Report), and monthly discussion forums (The Indonesian Forum).

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