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PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute

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CREActivity Clothing is a vision stemming from the passion, desire and drive to end poverty. CREActivity's goal is to find a better strategy of informing people about poverty – a strategy that will not only attract interest, but also inspire people from all backgrounds.

They aim to provoke deep thoughts on all circumstances of poverty. People around the globe are aware of the issues that arise from poverty. Knowing is not enough, however, the question should be: what are people doing to change it? They believe if they're able to bring enough attention to poverty, then change will begin to take root.

Their slogan is simple: Be Creative. Be Active. The act of creating an idea is great, but the idea is ineffective if there’s no action. Because action is so important, they donate their time and volunteer with important causes. They also donate to passionate people and non-profits dedicated to changing the conditions of poverty.

Country based in
United States
Country worked in
Viet Nam

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