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The Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank that advocates for practical policy reforms informed by evidence-based policy research and analysis. CIPS policy perspectives are based on the belief that only civil, political and economic freedom allows Indonesians to achieve greater prosperity. 

CIPS advocates policy recommendations to decision-makers within Indonesia’s legislative and executive branches of government. They are financially supported by donors and philanthropists who appreciate the independence of their analysis.

The vision of CIPS is a free and prosperous Indonesia and their mission is to research, recommend, and advocate for public policies that empower Indonesians to lead prosperous and peaceful lives.

The CIPS believes that Indonesia’s social and economic development and greater economic prosperity of the Indonesian people depend on: 

  • Wider economic opportunities and access to open markets that allow Indonesians to create wealth and sustainable livelihoods; 

  • Access to wider educational choices based on the needs of the family;

  • Security to live peacefully in an open and plural society.

  • Strong local communities with sustainable income opportunities, secure property rights, and public health

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