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In 2012 Dr. Fred Fransen, founder and CEO of Certell, began working with the Stavros Center at Florida State University, which was developing a multimedia curriculum called Common Sense Economics for Life. By 2014, he had facilitated development of a parallel course in American government, and was launching a project for an American History course. To manage and coordinate these growing activities, a new organization was needed, and he founded Certell. In a few short years, Certell has gone from distributing one course to three, and from reaching hundreds of students to working with the teachers of more than 425,000 students nationwide.

Certell believers that students learn differently today. Throughout their waking hours, they are exposed to gigabytes of information from a multitude of sources, but they also have noticeably shorter attention spans. This is unlikely to change. As a result, both beginning and seasoned teachers face the daunting challenge of finding relevant content that students find engaging, yet does not bust the budget. Certell's curriculum engages students so teachers are empowered to do what they do best – teach. They are passionate about making it easier for teachers to help their students learn.

Certell's lessons and curriculum are developed by teachers, for teachers. Everything a teacher needs to teach is there: lesson plans, right-sized reading assignments, exams, quizzes, bell ringers, and relevant media. Teachers can enhance their current curriculum with supplemental lessons, assignments, and materials, or teach an entire course with Certell materials, “right out of the box.” All at no cost to the teacher.

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