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Poverty. More than a billion people spread over planet Earth awaken to this reality every day. For the rest, we often debate who is responsible to bring about change and who is best suited to do so for the unacceptably large percentage of humanity living in material poverty.

PovertyCure exists to help facilitate the global conversation on poverty and equip those engaged in conversation with resources that promote lasting, enterprise-based solutions focused on partnering with individuals and families in poverty. Every human bears the image of God and desires to walk in dignity. We are committed to support our network partners as they work faithfully to release that divine spark in communities around the world.

And everyone – businesses and nonprofits, government agencies and academics, longtime activists and the newly aware – everyone is invited to join the conversation. Every story counts, and we want to hear yours. Our broad network of partners are waiting to engage with you and provide a broad and deep platform for connecting to new opportunities and ideas – they’re the real deal.  And with you joining the conversation, it’s only going to get better. Will you join the conversation?

Why a conversation? As a young professional living in Washington, D.C., I found it to be a city of subcultures, cliques and “tribes,” defined often by a single perspective and an untested set of assumptions about policy questions. One has to be intentional about knowing the perspectives and assumptions of other people. So I started a personal blog called “The Conversation Guy.” I would simply write about my conversations with other people – especially those with individuals I didn’t naturally “need” to talk to – people on the metro, the homeless, people at an unrelated networking reception, and those who were of opposing political views. I was constantly surprised by what I’d learn. I began wanting to seek out those with different perspectives than me, whether in political or other areas. I believe my desire to connect unlikely conversations with each other and my passion to see people thrive in life has led me to my current leadership role with PovertyCure. I am grateful to work towards advancing a mission I believe in. I’m honored to be part of the conversation with you.

When it comes to helping those living in some form of poverty, most of us have something in common – compassion. And we typically have an opinion about what should be done to move people out of poverty and who should do it. Although we often end up in decidedly non-compassionate arguments about the role of the government, NGOs, or even the
church, most are motivated by a shared desire to see other people and
communities thrive, whether five miles away or 5,000 miles away.

I believe you and I are called to wrestle with the many issues that surface when we look beyond the simplistic, feel-good fixes to poverty, whether in our own community or in places thousands of miles from our experience and direct responsibility.

We’re excited to launch this newly improved website and blog to help provide an environment where you and I can continue a lifelong learning journey together around what works and doesn’t work, and why. More importantly, we can share things we find to be working, solutions that are helping individuals and communities make steady progress towards self-sustaining flourishing. As we move forward together, I will simply act as  moderator and convener, bringing together voices from around the world for us to learn alongside. Please let me know who you’d like to hear from and what topics you’d like us to dive into by emailing us at blog@povertycure.org.

Your partner in the conversation,

Jonathan A. Moody

Managing Director


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  1. Rob Harvey
    Rob Harvey says:

    In deed, every human bears the image of God and desires to walk in dignity. Since meeting with you in December, you have been busy! Congrats on launching a new product, creating a new video and showing it to 120,000 people at GLS – and launching a new website. I honor your diligence and faithfulness in this moment. You are a gift!

  2. Danish George
    Danish George says:

    I really appreciate your conversation with other people but for conquering the issues we have to be practical and find solutions to it. This is the main reason we are born to serve humanity, to help each other so that everyone can enjoy human dignity.


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