Want to Help Haiti in Hurricane Matthew’s Aftermath? Look to PovertyCure Partners

Haiti Hurricane Matthew

The strongest storm to hit the Caribbean in a decade, Hurricane Matthew, has now moved north but left great devastation in its wake. The power of this storm’s destructive force was felt most in Haiti and news coverage at this point has largely focused the Haitian’s plight. This has led many to ask how can they serve or help the people in Haiti.

As a country that is too well acquainted with catastrophe, Haiti has received much foreign aid and help in the last many years. In times after great natural disasters, relief has been sorely needed. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, relief will be needed again.

The problem is that NGOs and governments will likely never move beyond providing relief. Instead of supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses, these charitable actors’ ongoing efforts will very likely unintentionally harm the very people they are attempting to help.

So which organizations support local entrepreneurs and local businesses, the true hope of Haiti? PovertyCure has developed a global network of partners that adhere to the PovertyCure principles and therefore, are attempting to address poverty in such a way that we believe is the most effective and leads to human flourishing. Here is a list of many of our partner organizations that work in Haiti:

These partners, along with others, are doing the hard and slow work of building up local entrepreneurs and businesses in Haiti. Through their efforts the beautiful Haitian people increasingly see themselves as the heroes in their own story. As you consider which organizations to support in their efforts to serve in Hurricane Matthew’s aftermath, we humbly submit these PovertyCure partners as good options.


About the Author:

Andrew Vanderput is the Strategy and Engagement Manager at PovertyCure, an initiative of the Acton Institute located in Grand Rapids, MI.

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