PovertyCure Partner Kit

Dear PovertyCure Partner,

Thank you for your support for this grassroots movement, which since 2012 has already grown to over 280 international partner organizations and over one million individuals. We encourage you to make the most of your partnership with us by considering the following Partner Action Items:

  1. Involve your staff in this dialogue by tapping into our many resources such as the PovertyCure DVD Series, Voices, Issues, iTunes Podcast, and Blog.

  2. Program PovertyCure for your upcoming events. Example: invite a PovertyCure speaker to present or host screenings of the PovertyCure DVD Series.

  3. Spread the word publicly amongst your friends and contacts around the world by staying engaged with us online and introducing people to PovertyCure.

This movement is gaining momentum and needs your energy behind it. In this age of social media and interconnectedness, even the smallest investment of 5 minutes of your time can send ripple effects touching hearts and minds around the world.


Click here for a cloud document you can send to your network announcing your partnership with PovertyCure!

Over ONE MILLION fans (and counting)

Facebook is our largest social media platform and we are proud that most of our ONE MILLION + FANS are from developing countries. Here are a few ideas for you:

  1. Encourage your staff and friends to like PovertyCure's page (also send us a link to your organization's Facebook page so we can return the favor!).

  2. Tag "@PovertyCure" in relevant posts you publish on your wall or on the wall of your organization's page.

  3. Share PovertyCure posts on your wall, on your friends' walls, and/or on the wall of your organization's page.

Example Posts for Facebook:

  • [Your organization's name] is now a member of the @PovertyCure Partner Network — 280+ organizations and over one million individuals advancing more effective poverty solutions rooted in the dignity and capacity of the human person. Check it out! http://goo.gl/Q5el1
  • "There is no better resource for churches and individuals who want to make an impact on poverty than the @PovertyCure DVD Series." - Peter Greer, @Hope International http://goo.gl/hYFZk

Tune in to PovertyCure's Channel

YouTube's 2013 upgrades have made it an even more wonderful place for watching videos. Our channel is our primary place for sharing the video content we have gathered from our 160+ interviews shot around the world. Make the most of this valuable, free resource:

  1. Encourage your staff and friends to subscribe to PovertyCure's Channel

  2. Send the channel to teachers, educators, and church leaders. Videos are an excellent way to learn!

  3. Listen to the voices of people from around the world by browse PovertyCure's video playlists

  4. Click the thumbs up "I like this" button after watching PovertyCure videos and add to your list of favorites

  5. Send us your YouTube channel link so we can list you in our "Partner Network Channels" (see image below)

Here are some go-to YouTube Links for you:

Tweet us @PovertyCure

Twitter is a great place to share and discover new content. We have recently ramped up our activity on Twitter and work hard to create a steady stream of valuable content for you. Connect with us:

  1. Encourage your staff and friends to follow @PovertyCure

  2. Send us your Twitter handle so we can follow you, as well as any subjects you have a particular interest

  3. Mention "@PovertyCure" in posts about your work or in posts relevant to PovertyCure so we can retweet!

  4. Add PovertyCure to your favorites list and stay engaged with us.

Example Tweets for Twitter:

  • We've joined the @PovertyCure Partner Network! 280+ organizations, over 1 million individuals. Check it out! http://goo.gl/npJZP #poverty
  • Powerful video from @PovertyCure on African Entrepreneurship: http://youtu.be/JZ0vUMJKLbM #entrepreneurship #Africa
  • "This series will be a game changer." - @rbmky, COO of @hope_chest #PovertyCureDVDSeries http://goo.gl/xKodg @PovertyCure #poverty


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Quick Links [because sometimes you just want them all in one place]

  • Facebook Page: http://goo.gl/8BsXm
  • Twitter Handle and Page: @povertycurehttp://goo.gl/BoHSv
  • YouTube Channel: http://goo.gl/gmemT
  • DVD Series: http://goo.gl/afLDI
  • PovertyCure Film Festival: http://goo.gl/joKPm
  • Blog: http://goo.gl/XWWdw
  • iTunes Podcast: http://goo.gl/AIias
  • Voices: http://goo.gl/5qoAC

Top PovertyCure Videos

PovertyCure - From Aid to Enterprise: http://youtu.be/5naRQakFNEM

PovertyCure [Full Version]: http://youtu.be/UxASM44gPlU

George Ayittey on the Cheetah Generation: http://youtu.be/m59po7GlMwc

Bishop John Rucyahana on African Entrepreneurship: http://youtu.be/JZ0vUMJKLbM

Hernando De Soto on Property Rights and Rule of Law: http://youtu.be/7Fzpx75RezI

Rev. Robert A. Sirico on Charity & Enterprise: http://youtu.be/xccOCfjGH_g

Magatte Wade on Dreaming Bigger: http://youtu.be/Uz1zkzcmtHQ

Paul Collier on Networks of Productivity: http://youtu.be/uuyVxi5Cddw

Michael Fairbanks on Competition: http://youtu.be/s-DDYKqhmas

Questions? Contact us at info@povertycure.org.