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PovertyCure is an international network of organizations and individuals seeking to ground our common battle against global poverty in a proper understanding of the human person and society, and to encourage solutions that foster opportunity and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that already fills the developing world.

There is no single solution to poverty, and good people will disagree about methods, but we have joined together to rethink poverty, encourage discussion and debate, promote effective compassion, and advance entrepreneurial solutions to poverty rooted in the dignity and creative capacity of the human person.


The PovertyCure vision for development isn't based on untested theory. It's founded on decades of successful, sustainable practices employed by organizations from every continent. Explore our network to learn how our 290+ partners spanning 144 countries are making a difference.

Current Partners, access your Partner Media Kit featuring tools and templates to help you spread the word about PovertyCure!



Now more than ever, in today’s interconnected world, YOU have the opportunity to make a difference. Take action by connecting with PovertyCure and sharing content with your friends.

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