PovertyCure Network — 180 Partners from 106 Countries

There is strength in numbers. We believe in the power of ideas, but it is people who take those ideas and run with them. That's why we built the PovertyCure Network, which has grown quite a bit since we launched one year ago. Comprised of 180 international Partners spanning 106 countries (and counting) and complemented by our Facebook following of 574,277 (as of Oct. 23), the PovertyCure movement is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The PovertyCure vision for development isn't based on untested theory. It's founded on decades of successful, sustainable practices employed by organizations from every continent. Explore our Partner Network to learn how our 180+ partners are making a difference.

Also be sure to visit us on Facebook, where our following has grown to well over half a MILLION people.

And hey, while you're browsing, also drop by our YouTube Channel. We've shot over 150 interviews over the past several years, gaining the perspectives from entrepreneurs and workers, politial and religious leaders, and others from around the globe. Give it a look-see. You'll love what you find there.

Oct 232012
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