PovertyCure Clip: “Access to the Pond” [Episode 4]

PovertyCure DVD Series
Episode 4: Circles of Exchange [28:16]

"I'm frustrated with this idea that poverty means living on one or two dollars a day," says Andreas Widmer of the SEVEN Fund. "That's a very bad way to state the problem." In this session, we learn that one of the biggest things holding people back from prosperity is lack of access. Doug Seebeck provides a twist on the classic "teach a man to fish" idea explaining, "The poor know how to fish. They don't have access to the pond."

In this session, we look at Ireland as an example of what was once an extremely poor country that leapt forward when it connected itself to broader markets and put in place a system that encouraged entrepreneurship and investment. The session also explores both the opportunities and cultural perils of globalization. It looks at the tragic effects of the Western agricultural subsidies and dumping that result in the destruction of agricultural jobs in the developing world.

"In this rapidly integrating world," Doug Seebeck asks, "how do I best love my neighbor so that everybody has the ability to have what I have?"

Here's a sneak peek clip of Episode 4!

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Dec 172012
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