Juan José Daboub on Economic Freedom and Governance in El Salvador [PovertyCure Voices Series]

El Salvador is a country that went from hardship to investment grade in a relatively short period of time ... I believe that economic freedom had a lot to do with that ... We wanted to change the role of the government from one of an orchestra director to one of a referee that helps resolve the controversy among the different actors in society but that do not have to over-intervene in people's life ... Job creation is the best tool, is the best antidote, is the best weapon to eliminate poverty.

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Biography for Juan José Daboub

Dr. Juan José Daboub is the former Managing Director of the World Bank (2006-2010), where he was in charge of operations in 110 countries Africa, the Middle East, East Asia and Latin America. He was also responsible for the oversight of the Human Development and Sustainable Development Networks, the Information Systems Group, the World Bank Institute, the Department of Institutional Integrity and the Arab World Initiative.

Prior to the World Bank, Dr. Daboub joined with El Salvador’s President Francisco Flores to develop the non-profit organization America Libre Institute. As leader of that organization, Dr. Daboub implemented proven public policies to promote liberty, stability and growth throughout Latin America. From 1999 to 2004, Dr. Daboub served concurrently as El Salvador’s Minister of Finance and as Chief of Staff to President Flores. In these high profile dual roles, Dr. Daboub helped to navigate his native country through several regional economic challenges including securing and sustaining El Salvador’s investment grade rating, “dollarizing” the economy, and completing a Free Trade Agreement with the United States. During this period, he also oversaw the emergency reconstruction of El Salvador after two major earthquakes in 2001.

Today, Dr. Daboub is the founding CEO of the Global Adaptation Institute.  He also teaches at Princeton University. Dr. Daboub holds a Bachelors of Science, Masters of Science and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University. He is married with four children.

Aug 072013
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