PovertyCure Launch Week—First Premise: The Human Person

Welcome to PovertyCure. We are an international coalition of over 100 organizations from around the world. Among us are development activists, religious and political leaders, educators, business people, and entrepreneurs. We come from an array backgrounds and cultures; we apply our talents and engage the world in many different ways. Yet, we share a single first premise, one driving principle that instructs our actions, and that is a deep appreciation for the incredible, God-given creative potential of the human person.

Throughout history, we, the human family, have proved ourselves to be imaginative agents of change willing to take on challenges with courage and resolve, to harness our resources and improve our productivity, to find new and unique ways to meet human needs and improve the quality of life. We are designed to flourish, craft, construct, fashion, form and invent. These are all exercises in human dignity in that they reflect the creativity of our Maker. This is foundation of human flourishing, and is therefore the first premise of PovertyCure.

When we put the person at the center of our economic thinking, we transform the way we look at poverty. Instead of asking what causes poverty, we begin to ask, what causes wealth? We no longer view “the poor” as charity cases despairing at their condition but instead as change-agents hungry for opportunity and capable of incredible things.

Explore our website to learn more. My personal favorite is the Voices section. On another personal note, the following video is one of the most powerful poverty videos I've ever seen. It was actually this very video that prompted me to leave my past job and join forces with the PovertyCure team. Check it out.

Oct 042011
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